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10 Signs Your Parents Hate Your Partner | KOKO Brides
Monday, June 17, 2024

    10 Signs Your Parents Hate Your Partner

    Parents approval of your relationship is everything because you want to make them happy and be pleased for you. Feeling like you have to choose sides between people you love can bring up anxiety.

    When you’re crazy in love with someone, the last thing you want to hear is a list of horrible things about them, especially from your parents.

    Below are 10 signs your parents hate your partner.

    They don’t want to hear about your partner: If you partner has big news, like a promotion or obtained a masters degree. If your parents do not seem happy for them then they obviously hate them or if nothing your partner does is considered praise worthy.

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    They criticise your partner: Blaming or judgmental comments can hurt your partner and even destroy the relationship. If your parents are constantly criticising your partner for no reason then they are not happy with them being with you and probably hate them.

    Ignores your partner: If your parents constantly ignore and blatantly ignore your partner or they more subtle and avoid conversation when they’re in the same room together. They probably hate your partner.

    Favours your sibling’s partner: If your siblings are in a relationship, watch how you parents treat their partner. Whether they seem to have tons to say and do with your siblings partners but can’t manage to show the same effort to your partner. If your partner is treated different to your siblings partner then your parents probably hate your partner.

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    They never invited your partner: Whether you parent’s have events such as, parties, holidays or even Christmas. If they never invited your partner to these event then they probably hate them.

    Only stop by when your partner is not home: If your parents only stop by when you are home alone. They love and want to spend time with you, but if they loved your partner other as well, they wouldn’t only show up when your partner is not around. This shows that your parents hate your partner.

    Makes comments about your partners career choice: If your parents often comment about your partners employment frequently and questions about their salary, ambition, or job function in a less-than-approving manner. If they often have sarcasm or criticism them. This suggest outright that they hate your partner.

    Don’t Value time: When you tell your parents that you have plans to spend the holiday with your partner’s family, if they clearly get upset and not respecting wishes and time spent with you partners family. This shows you clearly hate your partner.

    Think you can do better. If you have an argument with your partner and your parents are always somehow involved, and they always remind you have your ex partner was always so much nicer and better. If your parents also tell you that you could do so much better, they hate your partner.

    They leave as soon as your partner arrives: When your partner walks through the door, you parents smiles politely and immediately says their goodbyes. This indicates that your parents hate your partner and shows no effort in them getting to know your partner better.

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