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    10 Things Wedding Guest Should Never Do

    There are no official rules as to what you can and can’t do at someone’s wedding, but as a wedding guest, you should know that there are a few things that are commonly acceptable and unacceptable. Knowing this will enable you to stay clear of unnecessary drama in the long run.
    10 Things Wedding Guest Should Never Do

    You don’t want to be the center of attraction for the wrong reasons, so it is better to get enlightened and give respect to the couple on their big day. Here are 10 things a wedding guest should never do in a wedding ceremony.
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    Text during the ceremony
    You have no excuse to text during a wedding ceremony, the reason you are there is to celebrate with the bride and groom so do that and leave texting till after the ceremony is over.
    Arrive late
    Never show up late to a friend’s wedding, try to arrive twenty minutes before the time listed on the invitation. Sometimes, the unavoidable happens and you find yourself running late to the ceremony. Make it possible that you arrive on time.
    Bring a pet to a wedding
    It is wrong to bring a pet to a wedding, without anyone asking as a wedding guest you should not do this. The bride or the groom might not say anything about this but it is a no-no.
    Wear white
    Never wear the same colour as the bride, she should be the only one in the room wearing white at the moment because it is her day. Don’t do anything that would cause any drama between you and the couple.

    Don’t upstage the couple
    Someone else’s wedding is not the place to announce your baby news or huge work success, as it may take away from the couple’s own celebrations. They’ve probably spent a lot of time and money preparing for this, so let the spotlight stay on them for the day.

    Get drunk
    We understand that it is a party and there is going to be a lot of drink and food, and you can always have a good time without getting drunk. Imagine getting drunk and misbehaving at your friend’s wedding and having to be dragged out because of that. The couple wouldn’t find it funny as well as other wedding guests that were invited.
    Let your kids disrupt the wedding
    Kids always have a way of making a scene. If your kids are not old enough to control themselves and behave, it is better you leave them at home and have someone watch over them rather them have them make a scene at the wedding.
    Discuss the past relationship of the couple at the wedding
    Bringing up details of past relationships of either the bride or the groom is inappropriate and will likely create a lot of discomfort for those involved. Keep your comments positive and encouraging, or simply don’t say anything at all.

    Complain about the food
    Most wedding foods are good as they look, but even at that do not complain about the food in public. If you can’t eat it then don’t but leave your reservations to yourself.
    Photobomb the couple’s wedding photographs
    There is time for everything, when it is time to take photos with the couple then feel free as a wedding guest to do so, don’t photobomb photographs you have not been invited to join.

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