10 Tips To Become A Cool Parent

Growing up and having children of our own, we can never know the kind of parent we will turn out to be. We might end up wanting to do things the way our parents have taught us but that might come as an issue, so here are 10 tips to become a cool parent.
cool parent

As a parent, your child shouldn’t be scared to express their feelings to you, they should be comfortable whenever you are around them, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be disciplined and corrected when they default.
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These are tips on how to become a cool parent
1. Build A Strong And Fun Relationship From An Early Stage
It takes a lot of patience and works as a parent to be loving, caring, and authoritarian. This means always being aware of how a wrong decision you take can make them drift apart from you. You should involve yourself in any activity that involves your child’s happiness from an early age.

2. Engage In Conversations With Them
As a parent, you need to have long-lasting conversations with your child. It’s hard to be a cool parent if your child can’t come to you in the most daring and rough situation, teaching them how to not avoid and face bad situations and always telling you if there are in a bad place can come in handy. Putting your respect in the whole situation and letting them know their wrong is also important.
3. Let Them Do The Things They Like
Engage in activities they are into and they love, You shouldn’t force them into doing something they are totally not interested in doing, instead, encourage them and boost their confidence in anything their in love in doing as far its sits well with society and you.

4. Walk In Their Should Walk In Their Shoes
 Children love it when you immerse yourself in their magical world. Be spontaneous, brave, and imaginative, you should teach your kids how to go through life situations from a young age through playing and fun activities. Children can easily learn from a very early age and they also like playtime, so you should play like they do and take the opportunity to teach them during this time.
5. Stick To Your Principles
The worst thing you can do when raising children is to constantly change your ideas and principles. If you have once forbidden something, banned them from going somewhere, or just utilize a specific rule, stick to it. You should not change your principles because you are trying to be a cool parent, they will have to adjust to it because it’s for the better.
6.  Don’t embarrass your child in front of others
Some things need to stay within the family. If you embarrass your child in front of others, then you might be struck off the ‘cool parent’ list. Every child hates when they are been called out in public, so do your best and take your issues home.

7. Follow your own rules
 Your lifestyle influences your child. So, to make sure your teen doesn’t fall prey to drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol, take a look at your own lifestyle and make changes, if necessary. If, as a parent, you’re the reason for your child going down the wrong path, then you can be sure you are anything but cool.
8.  Make sure to be involved
Being a part of your child’s life is very important and vital in them growing up. You shouldn’t remove yourself completely in case they start acting up, instead, you should have the patience and calmness to learn and understand them better. When a parent isn’t involved in a child’s upbringing, it can cause harm and damages to the child’s future.

9. Don’t clip your child’s wings.
You as a parent should allow your child to spread their wings and fly at a very young age. children like so many things, so you should allow them to explore, in doing so your child will learn to be independent and outspoken from an early age. So when they want to clean their room allow them, when they want to dress up themselves, allow them. Giving a child responsibility is good for her self-esteem.

10. Don’t try to fix everything.
Give your kids the benefit of doubt at a young age, so they can handle themselves in a tough and difficult situation when you are unavailable. When you lovingly acknowledge minor frustration without rushing in to save them, you teach them self-dependence and resilience.

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