Picking The Perfect Wedding Venues: 10 Things What Every Bride Must Look Out For

Picking the perfect wedding venue is a MAJOR and OVERWHELMING decision!!

But picking carefully with aesthetic that you have in mind and aligns with your vision is important. Below is top 10 things to consider when picking the perfect wedding venue:

  1. Price: Price is the number one most important thing when looking for wedding venue as every penny counts; making sure that you are setting a realistic budget when looking for a venue and making sure it is in your budget, and thinking of things such as the venue’s package deals, accommodation, catering  and what other things is included in the price?
  2. Layout of the venues: Layout of the venues makes an immense contribution to a good wedding ceremony. It is important to see if the venues have good lighting, if it has a dance floor and does it match the theme you’re looking for? Having the right amount of space at the venues so that all your guests are happy and you are satisfied is important to also think about.
  3. Reviews: Research and reading multiple reviews allows you to acknowledge people experiences at these venues bad or good. It allows you to determine if the venue is right for you plus it allows you to have a picture in your head that you can imagine. Be realistic and know that just because reviews are great it might not be 100% on what your looking for; so its always a good idea to go and check out the venue for yourself.
  4. Availability: Availability is important because it’s the day you want to get married; its important to see the venue in accordance with the time/date you want; and asking if the venue is available on the proposed date and will it suit your friends, family, and guests especially if you want many of them to be around for your special day.
  5. Vendors:  What Vendors are available at the venue and if you’re allowed to use your own. Having vendors available at the venue saves a lot of your time and money in terms of having to find your own. So seeing if the venues you’re looking at have package deals which comes with vendors.
  6. Closing Time: Having a curfew at a wedding at the venue might not be ideal to you, so when considering a venue asking what the closing time or if there is a curfew or noise restraints after certain hours? If you wanted to have a wedding till late hours, is there an additional cost or curfew that will be imposed by the venue after certain hours and would that effect you and your guests?
  7. Accommodation: Are there accommodation nearby for my guests is one question all brides always ask? If you have family, friends coming to your big day then you should be asking this question too! Are there any accommodation nearby that they can stay? This helps with them nothing having to spend hours driving to the venue and having everyone you want there.
  8. Set-up: Does it have a set up crew or will I have to find my own? Having a set up crew at the venue will save plenty of time and it will also save your money. It will make your venue come to life and your wedding planner will thank you for this. And if you are setting up with friends and family, will the crew help to  bring your and theme to life.Read Also: This Luxe Italian-American Garden Wedding Is All The Stunning Wedding Setting You Need To See Today!
  9. Catering:  Catering is important at a venue as it gives you something not to worry about and assures you that your family and friends will be fed…so considering things like do they have catering facilities at the venues is a must for brides. Do they have a kitchen and will they allow alcohol to be served? Having food and alcohol that your guests will enjoy will be part of the experience of your wedding and would be the talk of town. So having caterers or being able to bring your caterers to the venues will save time and having the venue allow you to serve alcohol might contribute to you and your guests needs.Read Also: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Relationship Drama To Social Media
  10. Location: Is the venue located in the location I want? Location is important as this is the place where your big day will be at; so having the feeling of correct atmosphere contributes to making the day as mesmerising as it is and satisfying your needs.

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