5 Habits A Man Should Embrace To Keep His Woman Happy

Men and women have been created differently. Men are predominantly masculine and women are the feminine half.

Although we both have a mix of masculine and feminine, most of us tend to drift back to our natural states. In relationships, they both come with their strengths and when the balance is off, that’s when you start experiencing problems and misunderstandings.

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It is absolutely necessary to understand how differently you and your partner naturally operate to strengthen your connection.

Without getting into too many details, let us look at habits a man needs to embrace for his woman to thrive in the relationship.

Physical affection: All of us have that little boy/girl within ourselves. That part of our personality craves affection, love and care that is expressed.

Therefore, you should show her that softer side of you by holding her hand and giving her hugs, kisses and cuddles when you can, especially if it’s something she has requested you to do. It’s also important to do this when sex isn’t involved because it confirms to her that she means more to you than her body.

This doesn’t always come naturally to men but you can learn how to show her love the way she wants to be loved.

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To bring back the balance, you as a man should express your chivalry through small acts like opening the door for her. If you want her to naturally play her role, you should also do your part through such habits.

Gentleness: A man should never handle his woman like she’s one of his boys. Men are often rough and direct, while women tend to be naturally soft and fragile, which is why they need to be handled with care.

You don’t need to talk to her like a dude for her to listen or submit. You can still lead without being harsh and rough so allow her to thrive by being gentle with her.

Communication: Men and women both have their flaws when it comes to communication. There is also that fact that we communicate differently so we both need to be aware of those details.

However, men struggle to open up more which can be a challenge in relationships. Women need their men to express themselves more so that there’s better communication.

For sure, not all men struggle with this but if you’re one of them, you might need to practice.

Attentiveness: Every woman would love a man who is attentive. It’s important for her to hear from him, especially, that she’s beautiful and she also needs him to appreciate what she does for him, for her to be happy.

If she wears that new dress she bought or comes home after a manicure or pedicure appointment, she wants you to notice and complement her. Those little things make her feel seen and loved so you should practice this habit more often so it comes naturally.

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