5 Proven Exercises That Will Improve, Enlarge And Make Your Breasts Firmer

Short of plastic surgery, there is no known beauty treatment that will drastically reduce a large bust, or increase a small bust.

Adipose – fat – tissues surrounding the mammary glands determine the shape and size of your breasts, but there are methods by which you can improve the shape of your breasts, and make them firmer.

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Exercise work by strengthening the underlying muscles which support the breasts. You can perform these classic exercises sitting at your desk, watching TV, or any time:READ ALSO: 99 Unique Onion Aso Ebi Style Colour Combinations For Nigerian Wedding

  • This exercise is recommended for expectant mothers to prevent sagging breasts after pregnancy, but you don’t need to be pregnant to benefit. Grasp forearms with hands as though pushing up sleeves. Push, relax. See breasts lift as muscles tighten. Repeat five times.
  • Sit upright on a stool or edge of chair so you have enough room behind you for your elbows to swing back without hitting the chair back. Place palms of hands a few inches away from bosom, fingers touching and level with breastbone, elbows out at sides. With short, jerky movements, pull elbows back to try and meet behind your back.
    Note: for the best breast-improving exercise of all, take up Swimming: it is marvellous for firming up supportive muscles of breasts and upper arms.

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2) Hydrotherapy:
Continuous water pressure applied to the breasts can show genuine improvement in the shape of the bosom.

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Icy cold water should be sprayed or splashed on to each breast for a couple of minutes every day; the temperature and pressure of the water both help to break down fatty deposits in the breast tissue and firm underlying chest muscles.

Dedicated French-women even rub ice cubes on their breasts (though effectiveness of this cannot be guaranteed!). A strong shower jet is ideal for some hydrotherapy; otherwise patience is required to splash cold water on the breasts for a full two minutes.

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3. Massage:
Massaging the breasts helps increase circulation and thus hopefully improves breast size. Used with a specialised breast treatment cream or oil, massage can show effective results in a short space of time.

Always use circular movements in gentle, sweeping but firm strokes. Aromatherapy experts claim that daily massaging of breasts with certain essential oils can develop mammary glands and thus enlarge breasts.

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