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    How To Ditch Junk Food, Lazy Mentality & Work Out For Your A Hot Banging Body

    With the rise of GMOs and fast foods, plus the boatload of agricultural  conspiracies floating around, health should be a priority on everyone’s list.

    It is easy to stray away from being healthy or fit, usually because we set our goals so far ahead, and after a heap of strenuous exercising we find ourselves to be nowhere close.

    However, one essential trick is not to target what you are far from but the next step, and that is every effort you put in, you are a step closer to fitness than you were before doing so.

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    So Every lap you run, you are a lap healthier than you were, with every increase in your push-ups, you are that number stronger than you were, every amount you do not eat a day, you are less fatter than you were. And by following this you will one day be way up to your dream goal.

    Make It A Habit

    The importance of staying healthy and fit is very real, considering most of the stats out there. In the USA, which hosts many of the fast food outlets now seeping their way to Africa, 697,000 people die from a heart attack every year, and at least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese.

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    So taking your fitness seriously is essential. It is not only this boring set of activities you have to do so you look good or hope you don’t die early, but it brings the positive spin you have been looking for into life in many ways.


    Taking your fitness step by step, you get into a habit of setting goals and achieving which unleashes opioids in your brain. Opioids target the brain’s reward system and flood the circuit with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates movement, emotion, and feelings of pleasure.

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    No matter not reaching your goal, after weeks of dedicated and consistent workouts, you will always be more pleased with what you see than what it was before. Even if it’s just the streak from your glow.


    Your physical development would begin to benefit your life in ways that sometimes you will be unaware of. Chasing the bus, walking up and down the stairs. Sprinting or walking fast to catch up to something or someone.

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    Getting up and going for the body you want changes your spirit and your overall being. See a dirty room you are not comfortable with, ‘get up and clean it’ becomes your train of thought. No more pushing it till later. That is what you become when you get into the habit of working out.


    Working out tends to make you more courageous. It makes you more aware of your strength and who you are and more willing to confront your fears. Despite being super strong or not. In some cases working out helps many people overcome nightmares, especially that of being attacked.

    Never Be Uninspired

    Getting uninspired is very easy. Some of the most uninspiring aspects of working out are as follows…

    1 Working out for months and seeing absolutely no change. This is not a time to stop or quit! The method has been proven to work, all it means is you have to go harder. Jog faster, eat less, or adhere to the advice that you constantly ignore. The finish line is there, once you start don’t stop.

    2. Embarrassed to Continue in Infront Of Others. One of the most uninspiring aspects of working out is usually when you are fat or skinny, and you fear those that have reached the goals you aspire are or will laugh at you seeing you in the process. The truth is they will, if not out loud in their minds. And it is very hurtful. But this is why working out is not only physical, it is also character-building! Who are you, and why are you hear in the first place? What made you get up and do this? When you get that handsome man will they be in the bed with you? When you are enjoying your trips to the beach will they be swimming with you? Learn to blank what they think and put such thoughts in your mind. You will be surprised how many of them will cheer you on when you get close to your goals.

    3. Giving Up On Things You Like.
     One of the biggest mental turns off to working out is the idea you can not enjoy the life you live now. Many people who start working out and quit usually push themselves so far out of their comfort zone they relapse and put it all aside. Work out in your comfort space. Start somewhere and be consistent with it for 3 months or less if you can. Then after turning it up a little put. Challenge your comfort zone in a timely manner.

    4. Too Much Preparation. Working out can be tedious.
     You have to psych yourself up. Drop everything you are doing. Change into your workout clothes. Go all the way to the gym (including walking or driving). If it feels like this it is wrong. If need be find something that works in your space. Go walking, even in your slippers. Jog it out just a little bit. Put water bottles in your school bag and lift them up. Buy a skipping rope. Working out is not always hard with machines and the gym. Make it more convenient for your lifestyle. In fact, mix it with your lifestyle. Instead of driving to work or school, why not walk or jog there, with your other clothes in your bag? That way you knock two birds with one stone.

    Don’t Lose Focus When Working Out
    The final destination can be long, but the benefits during the journey are limitless. One important aspect of working out is to flood your visuals (mentality) with images that you aspire to.

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