5 Tips On How To Maintain A Long Lasting Relationship

When starting a relationship, you get to determine if it’s for the long-term or just for a while but almost everyone has the long-term goals in mind.

While it’s a beautiful thing to do, it can get boring fast if you don’t put in effort to make it spontaneous and exciting.

Here are some tips for Maintaining a Long-Lasting Relationship

Be Honest
The saying “Honesty will get you far in life” is very true and it also relates to relationships, in the sense that being honest with your partner will get you to a long-lasting healthy, and beautiful relationship. Avoid Half-truths. Half-truth is still a lie.
Be honest about how you feel and how they make you feel, don’t go with the ‘I don’t want them to feel bad’ strategy. It only leaves a bad taste and it makes the heart hold grudges

Respect Boundaries And Privacy
As two mature individuals that decided to come together to become an item, you need to know that everyone has their thing going on. This doesn’t mean you will cling to the other person’s dear life for survival. For some people, it almost feels unnatural to be apart. But the truth is, we all need our space unconsciously and absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

Have Healthy Conflicts
Sometimes, you will not agree on anything but try not to disagree on everything. It’s necessary to do distinguish these two kinds of conflict as healthy and unhealthy. Healthy conflict moves the relationship forward by building momentum or contributing to quality or, hopefully, both. Unhealthy conflict yields no progress on the project, no better design solution.

Be Flexible / Compromise
Early in relationships, things tend to be more of a 50/50. Their wants and needs are honored equally. But over time, it’s not uncommon for both to have preferences for the things we want and in order to maintain a healthy relationship, it’s important to recognize that shift and resist it or be willing to compromise and conform to the desires of your partner.

Try To Spice Things Up 
Try out new things with your partner, don’t just conform to the norm, try to take classes together, just something fun to do that either one of you has never done before. Visit places outside your comfort zones and explore them together.

Develop Rituals
Pick out certain dates and decide to do something exciting on dates like that. You can set out on vacations each time someone hits a milestone in their career or gets a major upgrade in their personal life. The easiest way to enjoy those specific days is to celebrate them together without fail. It has to be intentional.

While there’s lot of talk about what to do and how to do them. it is very important to know that it takes both parties to participate in the process. and both have to be deliberate and intentional about the relationship because the intentionality is what makes it worthwhile.

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