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    #Charisma2021: Asiri Comedy And Abiodun’s Pre-Wedding Photos And Love-Story

    I trust you with my heart, I value your company, these are what we hear looking at the stunning snaps of Asiri comedy and Abiodun with their pre-wedding photos and love story.
     Pre-Wedding Photos
    When you love someone, you show them how much they mean to you and how blessed you are to have them in your life because time waits for no one. The couple rocked a series of looks for their pre-wedding photos and we could feel the love and happiness they share for each other from within.
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    The couple in their own way profess how much they love each other and how their love story started.

    He stated…..
    I met Abiodun in 2017. She had messaged me on Facebook to come to anchor a dinner in their church ( a provincial headquarter of the RCCG). It was in Ipaja. I didn’t want to go cos I dread the traffic in that area as at then. She later called me on phone and there was just something about her voice that I couldn’t say No too. I went for the program and when everything was going on I was just carried away by her commitment to the success of the program and the fact that she was in charge.
    I left the program and later reach out to her on WhatsApp. We got talking and I realized she finished from OAU and we even attended the same fellowship (RCF OAU). Funny how I never noticed her on campus. We got talking and  I realized we have a couple of mutual friends.

    At this point, I am already having convictions about her. So I called one of our mutual friends. They had served together in the choir department. I inquired about her and the reports were great. I finally launched into the deep 😂😂 and the ministry moved to a permanent site
    To cut the long story short, the ministry has moved to the permanent site.

    She stated…..

    The Youth fellowship of my church RCCG DC was to have our annual February Special dinner and I happened to be on the planning committee. Having spent quite some time watching the Phenomenally interesting ‘Asiri’, I decided to recommend him to my team so I sent a Facebook message to confirm his availability. We had attended the same fellowship in OAU RCF so I chose Facebook believing that if he saw we had mutual friends, we would get a better deal.

    Alas, we couldn’t afford to pay the charges so I had given up but he followed up and subsequently agreed to our price. We continued talking afterward and became very good friends. We spoke and chatted quite a lot, and he showed a lot of care. I remember him asking about the things I had on my bucket list and I mentioned skating so he took me skating for the first time. I fell down🙈 while skating and he looked very worried and concerned. This was our first time meeting after the event.

    A few months after, he asked me out. I didn’t see that coming at all and had a lot of reasons to decline because  I wasn’t about the public life and believed he might be using me to catch cruise but he was very persistent. Calls, messages, emails, no media was left unused. Eventually, I had no reason left to say no as he had broken down all my walls. I prayed about the decision and had peace in my heart so I agreed.

    Photo Credit: Jide Odukoya/Adetola Adeleke Studios

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