Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Wedding Guests ‘Made To Sign An NDA’

The biggest wedding of the year is just a few days away. Katrina Kaif will reportedly soon be tying the knot with Vicky Kaushal in Jaipur on December 9.

The new coronavirus variant, Omicron has become a major concern for the Vicky-Kat wedding. A source close to Katrina and Vicky revealed that the wedding planners have raised their concerns on the number of guests being invited by the couple.

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From a no photography clause to a no location sharing rule:

  • No disclosure of wedding attendance
  • No photography
  • No sharing pictures on social media
  • No sharing location on social media
  • No contact with the outside world till you leave the venue
  • All photos to be published only after approval from wedding planners
  • No reels or videos can be made at the wedding venue


Photo Credit: Getty