10 Things Brides Can Do To Their Wedding Dress After Their Big Day

A lot of brides are particular about their wedding dress as they prepare for the biggest and happiest day of their life. They want to feel every inch regal, perfect, and beautiful as they walk down the aisle to meet the love of their life.

10 Things Brides Can Do To Their Wedding Dress After Their Big DayBrides are willing to go to any length, spend anything on a wedding dress and we don’t fault this decision because this day is special and you deserve to feel like it all through the moment. Once the wedding is over many brides wonder what they can do to their wedding dress because it does cost a fortune and they wouldn’t want to part ways with such a masterpiece.

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Today we share with brides 10 things they can do to their wedding dress after their big day.

1. Keep It
You wore this masterpiece on the day you sealed the deal with the love of your life and so you might one to keep it for sentimental reasons. Stare at it when you are alone in the room and let memories from that day flood back in and envelope you with warmth flowing through your heart. In the nearest future your daughter, daughter-in-law to be could slip into the dress and also walk down the aisle to meet the love of their life.

2. Sell It
Your dress must have cost a fortune or you were close to breaking the bank for the wedding dress of your dreams. I know right so rather than have it kept in a room sell it. Head over to a bridal store and have them value it and let you know what it cost and how much they are willing to buy. You make close to what you spent on it and could use that money for other things.

3. Rent It
You could start a bridal renting business with your wedding dress. After your wedding share with friends, family members, social media, and bridal stores your intention to start renting out your wedding dress and you would charge a fee for usage and also lay down terms and conditions for rental.

4. Alter It
Your wedding dress can be altered post-wedding to have a custom cocktail dress created? Your dress already fits like a glove, so why wouldn’t you want to wear it all over the place after its big debut? Depending on the style of your dress, you may need to consider how well the top half of your dress will work with a new, shorter skirt. If you want to use it somehow, get creative with what you’re looking for from your design and work with your seamstress on something that will work

5. Donate to charity
Any charity organization that pops into your mind have the dress donated to them and they could sell and use the proceeds for other things to help the charity. Any worthy cause after your heart could be gifted the dress.

6. DIY (Do it yourself). 
Imagine sitting in your home, your wedding dress in your hand, and you are separating it piece by piece to create a masterpiece maybe a pillowcase with the wedding dress material as the cover material. Other artistic pieces around your home could be created using this.

7. Dye Your Wedding Dress a New Color
Dye your wedding dress into your favourite colour and you have a stunning cocktail dress in your hands. The dress could be worn for a formal event, wedding guest, cocktail event depending on the style that was initially created.

8. Trash the dress
This is one trend where brides rock their dress in a less formal setting and do fun stuff in their wedding dress. You could head over to the beach, in the snow, a garden in your wedding dress, and have the time of your life.

9. A post-wedding Photoshoot
Organize a photo shoot after your wedding with your makeup artist and photographer. You can do this to celebrate your first wedding anniversary and keep the pictures, frame them as an anniversary gift.

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