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    Desreen And James Renew Marital Vows On 10th Wedding Anniversary

    Desreen and James renew their marital vows after ten years of marriage.

    Desreen and James knew they were soulmates right from the start, so when they made a vow to love each other forever, they meant every bit of it.

    Ten years after exchanging vows and two children later, the flames of their love keep burning brighter.

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    They have been companions of each other, navigating through life’s journey together, and beating challenges, including cancer, which was diagnosed to James the night before their wedding.

    To mark the milestone, Desreen and James celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in the presence of their family and friends.

    Their Love story

    By Desreen:

    James and I started dating when I was 19 and he was 23. We knew we were soul mates right from the start.

    A surprise proposal during a book launch set us on the path to marriage. However, the night before our wedding, James was diagnosed with cancer. We were told we could still go on our honeymoon but we had to cut it short after just three nights due to the growing tumour on his face.

    Our journey to recovery was incredibly challenging, especially for a young couple starting their marriage. Our life was put on pause to prioritise his health with every area of our lives taking the back seat.

    Ten years later, thanks to God’s grace, James is cancer-free, and we have two wonderful boys. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary, cherishing the vows we made and the love that carried us through the ups and downs, despite a difficult start. We love each other more than ever before.

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