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    10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live With Your Partner Before Marriage

    All in the name of love, many couples have now decided to move in together just before they get married. Marriage is a beautiful thing but then again it is important to note that there are advantages and disadvantages.
    Why You Shouldn't Live With Your Partner Before Marriage

    Most cultures around the world might not see living with a partner before marriage as a big deal, but then again there are other cultures too who forbid it. However, it is better to wait till you are married to live with your partner. When the idea of living together is appearing in your head, there are more things to consider; religion, culture, as well as the worst possibility that could happen. Hence we have put together several reasons why you should not live with your partner before marriage.
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    To avoid unnecessary fights
    Fighting is natural in a relationship, but then again couples grow together through fights. Living together means emphasizing the chance of fighting. As you and your partner continue to know more of each other, there are more things to adjust to.
    Enjoy your private time
    You should learn to enjoy your time alone before you get married and move in with your partner. Make the most of your private time. It may not seem important, but you will definitely miss being alone in your own space.
    Live according to your schedule
    Not moving in with your partner before marriage will enable you to live according to your schedule. You get to do your own things without restrictions and limits. If you wish to pursue a career it would be the best time to.
    Living together takes the excitement out of being newlyweds
    Once you are already living with your partner before marriage, it won’t be as exciting after you are married. Unlike couples who start living together after marriage, you’d probably know everything there is to know and that sweet sensation about being a newlywed will disappear.

    If you have kids, they need to be protected
    Very few unmarried couples who have children end up staying together in other words, without the commitment of marriage there is no real guarantee of what can happen to your kids. Many kids end up being molested and abused by their parent’s partners just because most of these partners don’t see themselves as parents to the kids of their unmarried partners.

    Take your time
    Love is not the only thing in your life. You have so much more beyond. No matter how much you love, take your time before you really get married. No need to rush because when the time has come, you will eventually live together.
    So you can have something to do after the wedding
    The idea of finding the right house to live in and how you would like to decorate them after marriage is one particular happiness. You have many plans in your head and list all the things to do later.
    Save the excitement for later
    Instead of moving in before marriage, it’s better to wait and save the excitement till after the marriage. The vision of moving together brings excitement for a newlywed, as they have never been closer to their partner, a lot of fun ahead seems to be fluttering.
    Don’t tie up yourself
    Living together before marriage might be like trapping yourself in a cage. Enjoy your freedom as much as you can, there is no need to tie yourself up before you get hitched.
    Your wedding will have a less meaning
    Your wedding is a day that you probably have been waiting for, it marks a new phase in your life. But if you are already living with your partner before that it might not be as meaningful as moving in the first day after marriage.

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