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    Essential Elements Of A Fantastic Wedding Day That Will Create A Lasting Memory

    Your wedding day is that unique day you have been waiting for. It is such a memorable day for you and everyone who will be present at your wedding.

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    Good preparations are necessary for you to have your dream wedding. This article will guide you on how to have such. So, read on!

    Elements of a fantastic wedding day

    1. Choose a memorable venue

    Inside Michelle Dockery and husband Jasper Waller Bridges wedding venue KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Choose a venue that fits your theme or ideal setting. It needs to accommodate all the guests that you invite and be easy for people to access.

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    If you want to eradicate the need for guests to travel between the ceremony and reception, a venue that includes both is perfect for you. Guests can relax more with no additional travel expenses.

    2. Decorate with unique decoration

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    Think carefully about the things that you can utilise to create the perfect atmosphere. The colour theme, flowers, table decorations and lighting all contribute to how your ceremony and reception is enjoyed.

    3. Scrumptious food


    Create a menu that will match your theme whilst appealing to a wide range of palates. Make sure that it tastes fantastic and isn’t just something just to serve people as a token. Decide whether in-house or off-site catering works best for your venue.

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    Wedding food can be delicious. Find a creative caterer you can work closely with to make your cuisine memorable.

    4. Toe-tapping entertainment

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    Provide entertainment for your guests. This can be anything that fits with your overall theme.

    Entertainers fill the quiet times between speeches and food courses and make your day a lot more fun. An acoustic guitarist, a four-piece ensemble or a traditional wedding singer are just a few of the possibilities to keep your guests having fun.

    5. Professional event management

    Wedding party venue koko tv ng 4

    An event manager will talk to you about all aspects of the wedding, provide options and then take care of the details. They will also ensure that everything runs to plan on your actual big day so that you enjoy yourself rather than stress out because of problems, which will be priceless on your big day.

    And don’t forget to always book ahead as the best venues and wedding vendors are usually solidly booked for months in advance and you don’t want to miss out and have to settle for your second or third choice!

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