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    9 Exercises That Are Good For Your Mental Health

    Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self esteem. Adapting yourself in a  good habit of physical activity will last a lifetime and you will benefit a lot from it.

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    Below is 9 exercises that are good for mental health.

    Boxing: Hitting a punchbag releases stress and anger. Letting out aggression can be both empowering and healing.

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    Walking: Walking is one of the best way to staying healthy, it is free and gets you out in the fresh air. Going for a walk can help to ease stress, and help with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

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    Yoga: Yoga is said to increase body awareness, ease stress, and ease muscle tension. Plus, it can be a calming exercise that allows you to centre entirely on yourself and your body.

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    Running: Running has many benefits such as, stress relief and better sleep, both of which can really add towards improved emotional wellbeing, relieving anxiety and fighting depression.

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    Tennis: Tennis is a good stress reliever. Smashing the all all around the court offers a good outlet for any pent up anger and frustration.

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    Resistance Training: Resistance training is exercise that involves pushing or pulling against some kind of force, whether that’s free weights, weights machines or even your own body weight. It has many benefits such as, improved memory, lower anxiety, better sleep, improved cognition and better at battling depression.

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    Swimming: The rhythmic movement at swimming can focus on breathing can be quite hypnotic, helping to drown out stressful thoughts.

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    Cycling: The movement can distract your mind from cares or worries, while you take in more sights and scenery.

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    Lift Some Weights: Weight lifting is great because it helps to strengthen your muscles while also fasting up your metabolism. Regular weight training reduces anxiety.

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