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    Five Reasons She Suddenly Stopped Talking To You

    Relationships of any kind can be quite unpredictable. Anything can happen and you can go from 1-100 or 100-1 pretty quick.


    Though 100-1 cab be pretty demoralizing and confusing. Say, you’ve been going out with a particular girl and things are particularly looking good.

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    You even go out for dates and start becoming comfortable with each other. Then all of a sudden, she goes MIA on you. She doesn’t talk to you anymore. No hanging out, no phone calls, no text messages. Nothing!! This trend is popularly known as ghosting:

    Here are probable reasons why a girl may ghost on you:

    Things were moving too fast
    If a woman feels like you are pushing her a little too hard for her comfort or if she suspects that the relationship is moving way fast that she cannot keep up, then she can easily go mute on you for good and you may never know what wrong you did.

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    It is easy
    If a woman wants nothing to do with a man anymore, ghosting is easy. It is easier as compared to having to explain herself to you why she wants to end a relationship.

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    DATING KOKOTV4You do not connect emotionally
    If a woman feels like a relationship is one sided or rather, if she feels like there is no emotional connection whatsoever, then she will silently out on you. Remember women are wired to be emotional so a woman should always feel like you care for her emotions.

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    This applies mostly if she goes mute on you after a first date. If you have been talking nicely before going out on a date together then immediately after you go on a date together she goes silent, it must be something you said or did during the date that put her off and yet she doesn’t have the guts to tell you.

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    Esteem Issues
    It is possible for a woman who does not think she is good enough to ghost on a man. If a woman keeps wondering what a man finds attractive in her, she may see the man as only trying to take advantage of her then dump her. She then opts to ghost to save herself the paranoia.

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