Five Signs You Are NOT In A Relationship But A Situationship

Back in the day things were much easier. He asked you out for a movie and on your drive back home he asked you to be his girlfriend.

Fast forward to now and there is that awkward stage where you’re left in limbo.

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You are not sure what you are doing. Practically every day there is a new word to coin whatever it is couples have going on. If you are confused and uncertain about your relationship status, chances are you’re in a situationship.

These undefined relationships can be a pain on the butt especially if feelings are involved and one person is in love.

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You will have sex, cuddle over a Netflix movie, have long chats and even go out in public but zero mention on the status of your relationship.

The pain!

And to add insult to injury, you are never too sure if you will ever see them again. It may just happen that one day they finally met the one and finally make a commitment but not to you. Ouch!

Here is how to know if you are in a here nor their modern type of relationship:

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  • There are no talks about the future

If the two of you are in a serious commitment you will at one-point talk about the future. It may not have to be years from now but a week, a month or a year from now.

Simple things like coffee dates, or planning to visit a new museum sometime in the future shows that they want to be with you. It’s a sign they are not interested in being with you for the long run.

  • There are other people

If you’re lucky you may find out from them that they are seeing other people which is better than hearing about it from the streets or finding out from social media.

Nothing spells out situationship than being with a person who is seeing other people and it is not even a secret.

  • It’s about convenience

When he or she is free or they need something mostly sexual favors, is the only time they will reach out to you and want to hang out.

The invites tend to be last minute and completely random. Plans come up out of the blue and they hope you will drop whatever it is you’re doing to make it work.

If you find yourself driving at night or doing the walk of shame all alone as they have to rush to work or some other issue came up all of a sudden, you’re definitely in it alone.

  • The relationship is not defined

If you’re yet to have that conversation, you are in a situationship. The fact that you have been dating for months and no one has brough up the subject of being in a relationship that is not normal.

When you ask what you are doing and they give vague answers or totally avoid the subject, those are some serious red flags. They simply do not want to be in a relationship with you.

  • You flirt a lot

In situationships the communication sucks and there is no deeper connection. Your conversations are surface level.

You may know where he works and what he loves to drink, great, but you find it awkward to share your insecurities or fears with them.

You find it easier to talk dirty and he’s the one person you find yourself sending graphic images to without a second thought as you plan for your next sex escapade.

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