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    10 Foods You Must Include In Your Nigeria Wedding List

    Food is a necessity when it comes to a wedding occasion because you can not invite people to celebrate with you without feeding them, as a Nigerian, you should know that it is very vital to feed your guest. These are 10 food you must include in your Nigeria wedding list.
    Nigeria wedding
    A typical Nigerian wedding is always screaming food, an average Nigerian loves food, talkless of an event that involves plenty of food. For every wedding event taking place, most of the guests there are always in anticipation of the food, even if they are celebrating the special occasion with you.
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    Here are ten dishes that you will surely see in almost every Nigeria wedding
    1. Jollof Rice
      The king of all party dishes is the one and only party jollof rice. A party is not complete without the one and only true love of all Nigerians, The true origin of jollof rice can be traced to the Senegambian region, but somehow it has because the main dish in every household in Nigeria. This dish is always present in a wedding event.
    2. Fried Rice
      This is another important Nigeria delicacy that is made with different types of vegetables and it is served most times with jollof rice.
    3. Moin-Moin
       This is made with grounded steamed beans, mixed with pepper, vegetable oil, Maggi, salt, fresh pepper, crayfish, onions, and most times egg as topping. It is usually served as a side dish.
    4. Yam Porridge
      This porridge is made with yam and red oil, most times, vegetables and mashed fish are added. This dish is served in most Nigerian weddings as the main dish.
    5. Small Chops
      This is a new modern twist to Nigeria wedding parties and it has become so popular that it cant not be seen in an event. small chops are Finger food served as starters at parties, it includes samosa, peppered chicken/gizzard/snail, mini sausage rolls, spring rolls, puff puff, stick meat, and a whole lot more.
    6. Asun 
      The Asun delicacy is made with fried goat meat dipped in hot pepper sauce, it is the most delicious meat recipe that you can come across, it is mostly served as a side dish to every main dish.
    7. Plaintain And Coleslaw
      Coleslaw or Dodo is a well know side compliment in every rice dish, you can not serve your guest empty rice, you might as well serve them nothing. For your guest to be happy and satisfied, this is a side dish to go for.
    8. Ofada Rice And Ayamashe Sauce
      All other typical Nigerian rice dishes are great but Ofada rice is a locally made Nigeria delicacy that puts the cultural and traditional vibes to a wedding party. It is when the Ofada comes out that the real party starts.
    9. Amala and Ewedu
      For those that are ready to swallow and forget about their home training, this is the right dish for you. This locally made super tasteful dish is just what you need to hit your food cell. Ewedu is not complete without, Gbegiri, assorted an Amala. 
    10. Barbecue
      Although this has not become a major deal, most hosts like serving something special and out of the box, that’s if they can add it to their budget. barbecue incle fish, turkey, chicken and so on.


    What are common foods at a wedding?

    This Is The Ultimate Nigerian Wedding Food Lineup

    • Small chops
    • Jollof rice
    • Moin-moin
    • Barbecue
    • Fried rice
    • Ofada Rice & Ayamashe Sauce
    • Amala and ewedu
    • Pounded yam and efo riro
    • Yam Porridge
    • Asun
    • Plaintain And Coleslaw

    How many drinks should a guest have at a wedding?

    As it turns out, there’s sort of a secret formula for figuring out how many beverages you’ll need for your wedding: Each person should have at least one drink every two hours. (Accordingly, you’ll need about 300 beverages for a six-hour wedding with 100 attendees.)

    What should you not serve at a wedding?

    • Meat, all the time
    • Food that requires a big to-do
    • Raw food
    • Mini versions of everything
    • An eight-course meal
    • Overly complex dishes
    • Only exotic eats
    • Typical wedding foods

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