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    10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go On Honeymoon Immediately After Your Wedding

    After the stress of planning and paying for a wedding, many couples plan to go on a honeymoon after. But it is totally okay to skip the honeymoon and not go.

    You and your partner should learn how to plan a honeymoon of your dreams. This trip should be planned carefully and not be rushed. This is why you shouldn’t go on a honeymoon after your wedding. It can take years for you and your partner to go on a dream honeymoon with careful planning.

    Below is 10 reasons why you shouldn’t go on a honeymoon after your wedding.

    Saves money: After spending thousands of dollars on a wedding, you might find yourself wanting to save up your money on something more special like buying a house. It is important you put any money towards your future.

    You already travel all the time: If you travel often for work, sometimes getting on a plane would not be fun. Even if you’re headed to somewhere with sun and amazing cocktails. There is no place like home.

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    Your wedding is already a vacation: If you’re getting hitched somewhere amazing like Mexico or Jamaica. You may already feel like you’ve gotten away. You’ll be able to enjoy most of what your destination location has to offer.

    Work priorities: You can’t just keep taking time off and leave your boss and work colleagues in the lure. This is not a good impression.

    Clothing: You will need to buy new clothes for your honeymoon and you will not have enough time to do this. You will obviously want to look your best for your honeymoon pictures and not having enough money to buy amazing clothes is why you shouldn’t go on a honeymoon after your wedding.

    Delayed: If you leave everything to last minute, it will cost a lot and this could be flights and where your staying. If you take time to plan the trip after the wedding, it will save you time and money.

    Lots of research and paper work: Planning for a honeymoon is time consuming. You will need a visa for most places. You will need to know how long you need on your passport before it expires.

    You don’t have the funds: If you do not have the money then you shouldn’t go on a honeymoon. You can take a long weekend to enjoy your newlywed status without breaking the bank, and then take some time to save up for a longer trip down the line.

    Season: You do not want to go on your honeymoon during wet and rainy season. There is no point going on a honeymoon when it is going to be raining everyday when you came for the sunshine. This would be a waste of honeymoon and money.

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    You’re too tired: If you’ve been spending the last few months or years planning your wedding, you would be pretty tired. Between fittings and going back and forth it takes a toll on the energy. Take some time for yourself after the wedding, and just do nothing.


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