How To Safely Clean Your Baby’s Belly Button At Home

You can easily clean your baby’s belly button at home. Always remember to be gentle when cleaning your baby’s belly button.

Below are simple ways to clean your baby’s belly button at home:

To avoid leaving your child unattended, prepare your bath time items beforehand. Get a large, soft towel to lay your baby on – you need to give your baby sponge baths before their cord falls off, not submerge them in water.

Gather a sponge or another soft towel, cotton swabs, a bowl of warm water, gentle baby soap or cleanser, and a clean diaper and clothes.

Keep your baby’s belly button clean by washing your own hands before handling them. Use soap and warm water to lather your hands well for at least 30 seconds, and rinse them thoroughly.

Wash your hands before and after you change your baby’s diaper, and any time you’re going to touch their umbilical area.

Dip a cotton swab in warm water and squeeze the end to get rid of extra water. Clean the skin around the cord and the base of the cord with the cotton swab. Keep the actual cord dry.

If there’s dirt, feces, or urine around the cord, add a little gentle baby cleanser to your water and use this to clean the belly button with a fresh cotton swab. Use a gentle wiping motion; there’s no need to harshly scrub.

Use a clean, dry cloth to hold the umbilical stump until it is completely dry. Pat or blot the surrounding area dry (don’t rub).

Once the cord is totally dry, you can put on your baby’s fresh diaper. Don’t cover the cord with the diaper – fold the top down so it doesn’t irritate the area.

Usually, the umbilical stump will fall off naturally within three weeks from when your baby is born. Do not pull off the umbilical stump; it’s important to let it fall off naturally.

While you’re cleaning the cord area, look for signs of possible infection such as pus or drainage, redness, and swelling in the area, or if your baby is lethargic, fussy, or has a fever.

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