10 Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

It takes a lot of effort and difficulty to approach or make a move on someone you like because you might end not having to meet them again or having that kind of chance again. So here are ten 10 tips On how to start a conversation with a girl.
10 Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Girl
Men should be very cautious when it comes to showing interest in someone they like because you might not know how she will react, so if you find someone you like or
you find attractive, you have to give it your full confidence and effort.
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These are 10 tips on how to start a conversation with a girl
  1. Greet Her 
    The greeting is a culture known to man and a polite way of introducing one’s self and it also leads to a start of a conversation with a girl, so it is definitely wise to great some you are meeting for the first time.
  2. Introduce Yourself
    This is a good way for them to know about you. then start the conversation by telling her your name, your interest, and if she shows liking in the conversation you can tell her more about yourself, like your profession and hobbies, but keep it short and sweet.
  3. Compliment Her
    Women are always ready for compliments if you are appropriate with them, your compliments shouldn’t be strong because it might backfire, so keep it gentle and see, like complimenting her eyes, smile and how beautiful her dress looks on her, you should also know when to draw the line if you are going overboard.
  4. Ask Her About Her Interests And Likes 
    Asking Her what she is interested in and what she likes can help to the continuation of a conversation. You can switch up your question by blending with the mood or setting you to find yourself, You shouldn’t ask personal questions, you can ask about the movie and food she likes, or even about her hobbies. When she starts talking, pay attention and repeat some of what you hear. Girls like good listeners.
  5. Mention A Shared Interest
    You should talk about something you have in common it helps in establishing an instant connection between the bother, by showing interest in things around you and asking her if she vibes with them too.
  6. Mention How You Know Her
    When you approach someone randomly and you have an interest in them, it is a very appropriate thing to do by telling them how you got to know them or where you saw them, for example, you go to the same school or you saw them at a restaurant or even at a party, it is always right to state how you know them.
  7. Ask About Her Day
    When asking this kind of question, you should be gentle and polite, if she gives you a short answer, make the conversation by going further by asking how she spent her day or what she did that day. let her know you genuinely want to know her.
  8. Try Asking Questions That Are Out Of The Box And Stimulating
    Posing interesting open-ended questions can help you know each other well and keep the conversation alive. Questions such as,  What they think about a certain type of meal or between a cat and dog which is the cutest, this will definitely result in a lot of back and forth story exchange.
  9. Go Straight To The Point 
    When showing interest in a lady, you should know how to go straight to the point and not beat around the bush, If you are interested in her you should make it known.
  10. Use A Pick-Up line 
    This takes more practice and patience because some people will take it likely bu other will not, so you have to make it or say it in a way that will not be cheesy and yet comfortable with the other party involved in the conversation.

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