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    Tips To Help Igbo Brides Slay To Their Traditional Wedding

    An Igbo traditional wedding is a great display of culture and tradition. Igbo brides are known to steal the attention of everyone whenever they walk into a room and without doubt, they are good at making heads turn in their traditional wedding ceremony by looking their best and serving premium slay.
    Tips To Help Igbo Brides Slay To Their Traditional Wedding

    As an Igbo bride, getting ready for your traditional wedding can be demanding because you have to fit into the perfect role that is accustomed to the tradition and culture of your tribe. Every culture has a bridal attire representing their tribe and the Igbo tribe is definitely amongst one of those tribes. Dear Igbo brides, we’ve tips that will help you slay to your traditional wedding.
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    Be open-minded
    One of the tips to slaying your overall bridal look is to be open-minded and accept recommendations from friends, or your bridal team. To make things easier you could consider using a bridal stylist who cuts down your options and helps define your style.
    Go all out with your accessories
    We are all aware of how our Igbo brides love their accessories, from their coral beads to the simple beads around their waist and ankles. Accessories help amplify the entire look of an Igbo bride.
    Choose your bridal beauty look
    Makeup is an essential part of your overall bridal slay, Decide on what kind of makeup you want to go with. Choose something that works well with your skin tone and choice of clothing. Igbo brides are known for wearing red during one of their appearances, so make sure the make-up you go with is in sync with your attire.
    Decide your choice of headgear
    Over the years styles of headgears have evolved from the traditional styles to a more modern option that allows brides to create a show-stopping style and make a dramatic appearance. It is a must for an Igbo bride to cover her hair at least during her final outing. The headgear is what completes the final attire.
    Pick a colour that suits you and your partner
    While picking a colour bear in mind that you and your partner will be wearing it at the final change of outfit and it is important to pick colours that work for both genders. You do not want your partner looking out of place with the choice you eventually make.
    Pick your style
    Picking your style on time is one step to achieving a great slay at your traditional wedding ceremony. As an Igbo bride, you can either choose to slay with a traditional isiagu or lace just like many modern brides do. You can also choose to stick to Ankara depending on what option pleases you.
    Pick your attires
    It is customary for an Igbo bride to dress up at least 3 or 2 times during her traditional wedding ceremony, so when picking your attires make sure you go for one that defines your style and is your kind of thing.
    Choose your hairstyle
    One hairstyle Igbo brides are known to wear is the signature up gel hairstyle, The hairstyle is mostly used because it helps bring out the facial appearance of the bride.
    Wear your confidence
    Last but not least wear your confidence like a dress. This is important if you want to slay to your traditional wedding, because as long as you are filled with confidence then you can pull throughout your ceremony.

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