10 Items You Must Include In Your Honeymoon Travel Bag

Congratulations on walking down the aisle with the love of your life and kicking off forever together. Now it’s time to plan the honeymoon gateway after all the wedding stress and spend quality time with your partner soaking in each other’s company.

Honeymoon Travel BagPacking for your honeymoon might look incredibly simple like packing for any other trip but this time there are essentials you need to include in this travel bag and today we help couples pack up for their honeymoon and enjoy such an amazing experience.
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Travel Documents
Every travel document essential should be packed first, your passports, your honeymoon printout details, bank details, cards, etc. There is really no trip without these essentials and relevant documents.

Lingerie and briefs
During your honeymoon, you will have a lot of romantic nights together so you should spice things up and shop the most stunning and alluring pieces ahead of time.

Prescriptions, Anti-allergy meds
If you have any allergies you should have your drugs packed in your bag and also any other prescription recommended by your doctor like an Asthma inhaler, prescription glasses, contact lenses, Pain reliever, Motion sickness medication, Antacids, Antihistamine, Diarrhea medicine, etc.

You will be spending a lot of time outdoor so protect your eyes from sunlight and go in a pair of cool glasses. You both can choose to match your glasses and go the extra mile of having them customized.

You want your skin to glow and pop during your trip so go along with a pair of sunscreen and also moisturize as you soak in the sun and a beautiful view of your location in style with your other half.

You must include comfortable footwear that allows you to feel free and move fast on your feet without feeling overwhelmed.

Comfy Clothing
In these types of trips, comfortable clothes and shoes are a must so opt for something a little more comfortable. You shouldn’t be underdressed even with this so serve premium looks with comfort at the back of your mind.

Camera/ Adapter
You need a camera to capture memories on this trip and your phone might not do a perfect job. You will be charging your devices like your camera, phones, AirPods, etc so an adapter is essential on the trip.

Makeup Kits and Shaving kits 
You need your makeup kits and shaving essentials on the trip as you might want to beat your face on this trip for your dinner date. Your man might want to trim his beards or other self-care needs.

What’s a honeymoon without enough fun to go around where both of you let loose without any expectation. No one should be a killjoy for the other so have as much fun as you can and look back on these memories with so much joy in your heart.

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