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    Kenya Speaker Moses Wetangula’s Son, Alvin, Ties The Knot With Naisula Leteipan In Intimate Traditional Wedding

    Alvin Wetangula, son of Kenya National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula, exchanged vows with his beloved Naisula Leteipan in an intimate traditional wedding ceremony.

    The joyous occasion, marked by the presence of esteemed guests, family members, and close friends, bore witness to the union of two hearts and the merging of two families.

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    The event was attended by a constellation of notable figures hailing from the political, social and civic spheres.

    Among the distinguished guests were Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka, CS Moses Kuria, Kajiado Governor Joseph Jama Ole Lenku, Gladys Boss, CS Susan Wafula, as well as MPs John Waluke, Kakai Bisau, among others.

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    The groom and his entourage donned resplendent emerald-green African-themed shirts paired with matching trousers, creating a striking visual display of unity and festivity.

    The bride, radiating elegance and grace, adorned herself in a stunning gown that harmoniously incorporated accessories reflective of her Maasai heritage.

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    Speaker Wetangula conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to his son on reaching this significant milestone.

    In his poignant address, he imparted sage advice to the newlyweds, emphasizing the significance of not only the joyous moments but also the strength found in navigating life’s challenges together.

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    “Today, you are not just gaining a life partner, but a lifelong companion who will share in your dreams, challenges, and triumphs,” speaker Wetangula warmly expressed.

    As the ceremony continued, Speaker Wetangula bestowed invaluable counsel upon his son, advocating for the cultivation and preservation of their bond for the sake of a harmonious and joyful family life.

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    “Cherish and nurture the bond you share, for it will be the foundation of your future. May your marriage be as strong as the values we’ve instilled in you and as enduring as the memories we’ve shared together.”

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