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    Disappointed Man Files For Divorce After Discovering Wife Barbara Has 3 Kids From Past Relationships

    A marriage between two lovers James Banda and Barbara is on shaky grounds after the man discovers that his wife has been hiding a big secret from her past.

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    James Banda, the 30-year-old man from Kitwe, Zambia, dragged his wife, Barbara, to court over the issue he claims to be deceitful after he found out that she has three kids and not 1 as she had told him.

    The couple’s marriage which was already in its second year began having issues when Barbara opened up about her other kids to him.

    Relationship Dating Sexual KOKO Brides 7“When we were about to get married she told me she had one child and I accepted because I also had one. Two years later she said she had three children and this came as a surprise to me,” an infuriated James said.

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    While making his case known to the court, James emphasized that he won’t be able to continue with the marriage because it had started off on lies and he is not capable of providing for all three kids.

    SexBarbara testified in court during her defense that she did not want a divorce even though her husband had already taken a second wife. She revealed that they two had been living apart for a few years during which time her spouse had another lady.

    The wife expressed regret for her behavior, pleaded with her husband for pardon, and said she was willing to have a polygamous marriage because she was still in love with him.

    “I asked for forgiveness from my husband after telling him and he forgave me but his family started forcing him to divorce me because of the past mistake,” she said.

    Following Barbara’s testimony, the court refused to give the divorce papers since doing so would be going against Barbara’s will. The estranged couple were sent away and asked to return only when they have both agreed to both go their separate ways.positive sibling relationships KOKO Brides Nigeria 1

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