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    Great New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas For An Everlasting Memory

    The New Year’s Eve celebrates love, hope, second chances, and fresh starts. It is also an evening to create an everlasting memory with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with by planning a surprise proposal.

    Below are great ideas to plan a surprise New Year’s Eve proposal:

    Create a ‘Year in Review’ Photo Album

    It would be fun to create a photo album and fill it with memories you created together over the past year.

    Then on the last page, write your proposal – keep it simple with “Will you marry me?”.

    Party with Friends & Loved Ones

    New Year’s Eve is a fantastic excuse to throw a party and invite over everyone you love and cherish to help you celebrate, which is exactly why your partner will never suspect that you are about to ask them the biggest question of their life.

    When the Clock Strikes Midnight

    Take advantage of the magic of midnight – as everyone begins counting down the last seconds of 2023 take a moment to tell your partner why you love them and at the stroke of midnight, drop to one knee and propose.

    It is the perfect way to end this year and start the next, it is also the perfect memory to celebrate each year as you will never forget this proposal anniversary.

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    Exchanging New Year’s Resolutions

    This is another activity you can do that your partner definitely won’t see coming. Find a nice, cozy intimate setting. Engage in a conversation about some goals and New Year’s resolutions.

    At some point in the discussion, if the moment feels right, bring up your goal, to get married to that special person you love. When they realize what you’ve said, you can then propose to your partner.

    Scenic Rooftop Proposal

    If your partner loves a beautiful, scenic view, then finding a spot with a great view of the city or nature could just be the best way to go for a proposal.

    When the timing feels right, if the view doesn’t take their breath away, your romantic proposal certainly will!

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