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    Breathtaking Moment Newlyweds Unveil Their Gigantic Castle Wedding Cake

    This newlyweds gigantic wedding cake has become a hot topic on social media.

    newlyweds gigantic wedding cake KOKO Brides Nigeria

    The newlyweds’ gigantic cake which looked like a castle was brought into the wedding reception venue. When people saw how mighty the cake was, they were amazed.

    A TikTok user shared the video of the newlyweds’ cake on social media and it caused a lot of reactions from netizens.

    Watch the video here:

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    Here are some of the reactions below:

    @Doom Knight said: “Cake boss got nothing on this LOL.”

    @blue_flame said: “That castle cake probably costs more than my house.”

    @Dustin M said: “When the wedding cake costs more then an ordinary persons complete wedding. I can’t imagine what was served for dinner!!”

    @dcaneman24 said: “If social media has taught me anything. There’s too many people with too much money!”

    @EJQDado said: “Tell me you have too much money without telling me you have too much money.”

    @kelli said: “Rich or not if I was ever engaged to a person who even suggested something this expensive I would call off the wedding.”

    Trending video of the day;

    Photo credit: Getty

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