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    Planning A Destination Wedding? Here Are Top 5 Places To Consider

    The normal wedding plans are gradually running out style and destination weddings are gradually becoming a thing. As an event planner or the bride rather deciding on the right location or ambience could be a big deal, so here are some Island Destinations that can make your dream fairytale wedding come true.

    Considering the great Cuisine and memories that will linger for a long time.

    1. Rich in beauty, cuisine and culture, consider having your wedding on the popular Lizard island Australia and you will have your friends and family Thanking you for ever.  island1
    2. A 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland leads to Waiheke Island, dubbed “the Island of Wine.” This magical isle offers a striking backdrop of vine-covered valleys and shimmering emerald waters for your special day. Many couples exchange vows on the beach, among the vines or on a cliff by the sea, and then host the reception at the vineyard restaurant, featuring exquisite cuisine and local wines. No matter what, you’ll be swept away by the wondrous beauty of this beautiful island.   island2
    3. How about retreating to a quiet and private island , then Mnemba Island in Tanzania off the northeast of Zanzibar is the perfect place for you.   island3
    4. Now lets go check the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada is Îles-de-la-Madeleine — a cluster of seven lonely islands connected by rust-red cliffs and wind-swept dunes. With its “singing sands” and incredible gastronomy, this tiny archipelago is ideal for weddings or honeymoons.   island4
    5. Legend says that these nine lonely islands, approximately 800 miles off the coast of Portugal, are leftovers from Atlantis. In reality, the archipelago was born out of volcanic activity and first settled by Europeans starting in the 1400s. The Azores have flown under the radar for travelers, but the “Hawaii of the Atlantic” makes a gorgeous view that you will love.    island5

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