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Being A Housewife: 6 Advantages And Disadvantages | KOKO Brides
Friday, June 14, 2024

    Being A Housewife: 6 Advantages And Disadvantages

    Being a housewife is a great vocation a woman embarks on. It is ongoing daily work from getting the children up to their sleep. Even when they are at school, there are the chores of the house.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of being a housewife. Here are some of them:


    1. Enjoy Motherhood


    You can enjoy motherhood by watching your children grow, walking their first step, saying their first word, and making their first mistakes, which are priceless moments.

    Practically, there is no way to take care of your children and your home if you and your partner are busy in your professional lives. As a stay-at-home mom, you have the full privilege of being there when your child needs you as opposed to being stuck in a cubicle at work.

    Being a housewife, you can closely watch and monitor your kids and husband, which will increase bonding between you and them.

    2. The opportunity to have a part of both worlds

    It is complicated and even impossible for working women with 8-10 working hours to manage a family and to find time to learn new skills or improve existing ones. But as a housewife you have more extra time to pursue your hobby or learn some new ones quickly. You may also be able to earn an income through a part-time, work-at-home, or freelance job after learning how to.

    Or maybe If you have a crafting hobby, you may be able to sell your work. An educated mother can push her children gigantic steps forward; you can quickly improve yourself by reading and listening more because you have TIME.

    3. Freedom and flexibility

    A housewife has the flexibility to do daily household chores or anything else the way she wishes and at the time she wishes to do it. There is no other voice except her own showing her orders in her work. NO deadlines, no pushing orders, and no stress with doing her work like job holders, which leads to high mental health and a peaceful mind and life.

    A housewife is her boss, her house is her office, and she can even employ people to help her, such as maids, cooks, gardeners, etc.

    4. Family financial considerations

    You no longer, as a family, have to pay for childcare, gas, car maintenance, dry cleaning, wardrobe, lunch out, and salon costs anymore, even reducing these horrible junk-food bills as you are free now to cook healthy and delicious receipts from your beautiful hands that your husband and children will adore.

    5. More Consistent Routines

    By choosing to be a housewife, your family time will be more predictable; You’ll have more control over your family’s routine. You won’t have to worry about getting called in early to work or having to stay late for a meeting and missing a critical date for your boy or girl at school or the club.

    As a stay-at-home mom, your routine will tend to be the same from week to week, allowing you to always be there for your husband and children.

    6. Happy marriage

    When you start to become a housewife, slowly and gradually, you will notice how dependent your husband will be on you, how he can not start his day without his morning kiss and coffee from your lips and hand, and how he can not sleep without chatting with you a little and of course, depending on the nature of his day if hard or good.


    1. Feeling trapped

    On the other hand, always being for your family will sometimes make you feel like you’re trapped in a small and tired spot that mentally exhausts you, wishing you could steal some moments for yourself.

    2. Family and personal financial considerations

    Although, as a housewife, you have saved your family some financial troubles by avoiding paying for childcare, gas, car maintenance, dry cleaning, wardrobe, lunch out, and salon costs anymore besides, of course, your home cooking instead of junk food.

    BUT, it is now a fact that two-person income just got cut down to one paycheck. The economics of coupons, budgets, and cutting costs may no longer be optional.

    3. A different social life

    Of course, after being a housewife, you will make new friends with other housewives, whether they are your neighbours or not, so your social life will definitely change as you have a new focus.

    And although you may find some mutual interests and a little break sharing everyday experiences and taking some advice with them, you’ll probably notice a drop in activities you take part in that you used to when you worked. Briefly, your social circle might shrink to only those other mothers.

    4. Full responsibility situation

    Though you are the boss of yourself and your family affairs, too. You run the house literally -from paying the bills, cooking, cleaning, getting the children everywhere they need to be, to keep the family schedule all under your control- certainly sometimes you may feel like it all falls on you, there will be times you feel super-stressed trying to keep up with it all while raising kids.

    5. More time for idle talk and gossip

    As a housewife, you can manage your work time as you like without any other opinion or way, but be careful of the leisure time you have because it will lead to more idle talk and gossip with your housewives friends and neighbours, which will leave you without learning new skills or improving existing ones because you’ve lost your TIME.

    6. Careful in raising dependent children

    As a dedicated stay-at-home mother concerned about everything in your children’s lives, you may slip into making them so dependent.

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    Children of working mothers tend to become more independent. Since working mothers need to teach kids how to do chores on their own, they develop a strong sense of responsibility at an early age.

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