Tips To Decide On Your Wedding Nails

The options for your wedding day nails is a lot. While nude nails, light pink nails are popular among brides, those aren’t your only options.

Nails for a wedding are extra special. They will be the backdrop for the wedding ring itself.

Below is tips to decide on your wedding nails.

Nail shapes and length: It’s all about feeling comfortable with the length of your nails on your wedding day. You don’t want to go and get incredibly long nails on the day if you’re not used to them.

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Magazines: Remember to browse magazines for inspiration, look for inspirations online, social media such as, Instagram.

Choosing your shade: There is not a rule when it comes to choosing your nail shade for your wedding day, however, remember to consider your entire wedding. From your dress, venue and season.

Type of nails: You will need to choose between acrylic nails, gel nails or shellac nails for them to pop or you could even go with your natural nails with a manicure.

Nail Art: If you’re going to go for nail art, choose something subtle and non distracting. Don’t go overboard with the bling as it could start looking tacky.

Enhance Your Own Style: If you’re completely stuck, take an image of your dress to your nail technician. A good nail artist will brainstorm and suggest some design that will go well with your wedding.

Complete the Look: Go all out and complete the look from top to bottom by adding a pedicure to your wedding nail service.

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