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    Identical Twins Who Married Twins Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

    The Salyers twins who married identical twins celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on the 4th of August.

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    Brittany and Briana Deane Salyers and their husbands, identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary.

    “It was always a dream of ours to find these perfect identical twins – men who were our perfect matches, and we didn’t think we would ever be able to find it,” says Brittany. “Just because it was so rare, it was such a long shot – and the fact that we did, and we get to celebrate that every year – it’s very exciting and it just shows dreams can come true, even if the odds are against you.”

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    Brittany and Briana first met Josh and Jeremy Salyers at the 2017 Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, and after one year, they got married in a joint ceremony on August 4.

    They had planned to travel to Ohio to attend the annual festival.

    The theme of the festival this year is Pirates and Treasure – which ties in with the couples’ latest business venture, a collaboration with JTV

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    “The first movie that we watched together as couples was The Count of Monte Cristo,” Briana says. “Josh and Jeremy plan to go as the Count of Monte Cristo and Brittany and I are going as the treasure.”

    The twin sisters who usually do dress alike plan to wear glittery gold dresses, layered with jewels to look like something you’d find “in a treasure chest when you open it,” Briana says.

    They are parents to 2-year-old sons — Jett (born to Brittany and Josh, who announced the birth in January 2021) and Jax (born to Briana and Jeremy approximately four months later). The boys are cousins but more genetically similar to siblings and are considered quaternary twins since their parents are also quaternary twins.

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    “We raise them together, so they have four parents,” Briana says. “It’s always chaotic!”

    The quaternary couples have a joint Instagram account, live together, and co-own a wedding venue Smith Mountain Manor, where they invite others to create their own fairy tale.

    “We have really kept that newlywed feeling going by constantly having a new adventure,” Briana says. “We’re just always busy and it’s really fun and helpful to always have these big goals that we’re doing together as a family – so that keeps everything exciting and also, just wonderful!”

    Twins wedding anniversary KOKO Brides Nigeria

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