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    62-Year-Old Woman Shoots Husband In Bed Over Argument On Getting A Divorce

    A woman from Arizona, United States, who shot her husband in bed over an argument about getting a divorce has been arrested.

    The Prescott Police Department took to social media and stated that the woman, Christina Pasqualetto, has been booked on the charges of first-degree murder, aggravated assault, forgery, and theft.

    The incident took place on September 20 when the 62-year-old woman drove from Gilbert to her old home in Prescott, which she shared with her husband Jon Pasqualetto.

    Mr Pasqualetto was the sole resident of the house now as the couple had been separated for months. She arrived at the house shortly before midnight and the couple had a verbal argument about their divorce. Ms Pasqualetto told the police that she did not want a divorce and therefore shot him while he was still in his bed.

    The 80-year-old man suffered a gunshot to his wrist and was taken to a nearby hospital and then flown to a Phoenix-area hospital for further treatment of “non-life threatening injuries”.

    “When he told her that he still wanted to get a divorce and wasn’t changing his mind, she produced a handgun and shot him while he was still in bed,” the Prescott Police Department stated in a press release.

    The police added that after a physical fight, Mr Pasqualetto “knocked down” the woman, and the gun came out of her hand which helped him escape the house. He reached his neighbour’s house to call the emergency number 911.

    “During that time, the victim did strike the suspect with his hands and elbows to escape the situation. The victim was ultimately able to escape and ran to a neighbour’s house to call 911,” they added.

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    According to the police, the man claimed that although he had changed the locks on the house before the incident, the keys and “other items” were missing.

    Additionally, he informed the police that Ms Pasqualetto had “stolen checks and forged a check for $10,000 about a week prior and cashed it.”

    When questioned by authorities, the 62-year-old admitted to forgery and theft after a deposit slip matching the transaction was found.

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