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    How To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction On Your Wedding Day

    Wedding malfunction koko tv ng 5
    When the big day approaches, there are a lot of things that could distract you and also get you into thinking and worrying a lot about how things might turn out.

    You tend to get more worried when the big day is close by, however, this is not far from normal as during this period, adrenaline rushes and the mind begins to over think. One of the many disasters that could happen on your special day include; Wardrobe Malfunction. This is one of the worst things that could happen to a Bride on her wedding day. However, there are ways to totally prevent this from happening;Wedding malfunction koko tv ng 1

    1. Have backup plans: If you are getting shoes, accessories and all that, it is imperative that you also have aback up plan for these items as anything can happen on that day. Always be prepared.Wedding malfunction koko tv ng 6

    2. Have a sewing kit readily available: it would be a nice idea if you can have your Best lady hold a spare sewing kit, just in case things decide to rip up.Wedding malfunction koko tv ng 3

    3. Get enhancing items: Sometimes, there is just no gong back with the items you have in your wardrobe for the big day. It is best to get enhancing items, such as talcum powder for tight shoes, and safety pins for oversized dresses.Curvy bride koko tv ng 6
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