What To Expect On A Baby’s Skin In The Early Weeks Of Life

Your baby undergoes rapid changes in the early days and weeks of life. These changes include a wide range of skin colours, skin textures, and marks, many of which will go on their own.

Sometimes, your baby’s skin conditions can be a sign of something more serious. You should contact your doctor in this case.

Below are what to expect on a newborn’s skin:

A child’s skin may be reddish or pinkish at birth. However, their hands and feet may be bluish (acrocyanosis) because blood and oxygen are not yet circulating fully to the extremities. As the newborn’s circulatory system opens, this bluish colour will subside.

There may be pink patches over a newborn child’s eye or in the middle of their forehead. Usually, these fade within a few months, although they may be faintly visible afterwards.

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Child birth can be a physically demanding experience for both mother and baby, this can lead to a newborn having some bruising. It may show as patches of blue or other colours on the baby’s skin at various places.
This is not usually a cause for alarm, however. Your doctor will examine your child, including any bruising (if present), and make sure that he or she is ok.
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