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    Top Reasons Nigerians Do Not Sleep On The Eve Of New Year

    Many people all over the world stay awake on the eve of new year due to a lot of reasons, Nigerians inclusive.

    Below are some reasons Nigerians stay awake on New Year’s eve.


    Nigeria is a secular country full of religious people. The two dominant religions – Christianity and Islam have groups that organise prayers for people to attend.

    It is a popular belief that Nigerians should pray rather than sleep so as to make the New Year better than the previous one.

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    Many women stay awake to cook foods that their families would eat for New Year’s celebrations. Some city carnivals hold on the night of the eve of New Year, so women and their male counterparts defy sleep to cook for the city residents.


    Some persons choose New Year’s eve to celebrate. They believe they have experienced a lot of stress and labour for the year. So to reward their efforts, they don’t sleep on New Year’s to enjoy good foods, drinks, dances and other exciting activities with their loved ones.


    Nigerians especially in the rural areas use the night of the New Year to hold association meetings.

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