Simple Healthy Hairstyles For Babies

As a new mother, one of the things you have to learn about is how to take care of your baby’s hair. Your newborn’s hair is still very much tender, so you need to make healthy hairstyles that are tension-free and don’t pull your baby’s hair or damage her growing hair follicles.

Here are some healthy hairstyles for your baby. These hairstyles are extremely simple for anyone to make. You don’t need to know how to make hair, let alone, how to do babies hair.

1. Floral headband on a weeny afro


This hairstyle is very easy to do. Fluff your baby’s hair, and adorn it with a cute headband such as the floral headband.

2. Simple hairstyles

Newborn babies hair is usually soft and silky. For this look, you only have to comb her hair down, and slick it down with baby oil, without adding hair gel.

3. Mini afro puffs with rubber bands

For a hairstyle that will last a few days, you can do these mini puffs. They are quick and easy to do, but be sure not to pull too tightly on her scalp.

4. Cute Baby Hairstyles For Short Hair

Apply curling gel moisturizer to her wet hair, part in the middle, and put the hair into two buns.

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