The Perfect Nude Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brides

Nude makeup means simplifying your makeup colour palette, using neutral colours that match your skin perfectly and covering imperfections without going overboard. If you are a millennial bride-to-be a nude makeup look will be perfect for you.

Below is the perfect nude wedding makeup ideas for brides.

Beige nude: The classic version where all the accents feature natural skin tones. Makeup using beige tones. To achieve incredible harmony in the look, use the same beige shade on the eyelids, lips and cheeks.

Pink Nude: Refreshing and gentle nude makeup option. This makeup look is translucent and light, in pink tones with and perfect tone on the lips.

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Sweet and Sculpted glow: Sharp, chiselled cheekbones is just the perfect nude makeup look for you wedding. Minimal foundation completing the look.

Natural contour: Snatched cheek bones and the reddish pink tone in blush contrasts with the nice undertones in contour to bring life back into your face.

Shimmery neutral makeup: This is the perfect wedding makeup look. This radiant makeup is smooth skin that literally glows from within. To create a complete look, use a delicate highlighter and lipstick to match the natural lip colour, and emphasised the eyes with delicate eyeliner.

Classy and Natural: No fancy contouring or complicated eyeshadow. Just a minimal natural face and beauty is just the most perfect look for your wedding. You’ll feel like the best version of yourself when you walk down that aisle. 

Simple and Classy: This is just the perfect natural look with lightly filled-in brows to the flushed cheeks and the glossy nude lips.

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