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    10 Tips To Help You Decide On Your Wedding Makeup

    Wedding makeup looks you go for is a very tough decision but is totally a personal decision to make. You want to look beautiful and have the perfect look so take time when deciding.

    Make sure your overall decision is something which makes you feel beautiful and confident.

    Below are 10 tips to help you decided on your wedding makeup

    Do research: Browse makeup artists portfolios. Look at Pinterest for inspiration for makeup looks. Narrow down and pin your favourite wedding make up looks. Check out popular hashtags (#bridemakeup, #bridalmakeup, #weddingglam) to see what real brides are wearing.

    Find a makeup artist: Find a makeup artist online or recommended by friends or family. You could always search online for a makeup artist. Nowadays there’s lots of makeup artists on social media such as, Instagram. You could always get in contact with them and ask for prices and whether its in your budget.

    Meet your makeup artist beforehand: You could meet your makeup artist beforehand and discuss any make up looks you are interested in and that they can do. They can show you any similar makeup looks that they have previously done and you can decided whether you like it or not.

    Check the weather forecast: Different seasons each will have a unique effect on your wedding makeup look.

    If you’ve planned a summer wedding you don’t want to shellac on layers of powders, as they’ll probably melt really quickly. Winter weddings you don’t want dry skin so ask for more highlighter. If you’re having a summer wedding, you should focus on lighter makeup and all waterproof products.

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    Inspiration from celebrities: Round up some of your favourite red carpet moments from celebrities and look for similarities. Are you attracted to their neutral or glittery eyeshadow or gorgeous red lipstick or dark bold nude lips? Once you figure out what you like about their looks, then you can personalise it to suit you.

    Take your wedding day outfit into consideration: You don’t want to look out of place at your own wedding, so consider your wedding theme before settling on a look. Look at the colours of your wedding attire. Choose colours similar to it so it matches.

    Your wedding day attire can influence your wedding makeup look.

    Ask your loved ones for their opinions: Ask around for information from your loves ones on makeup artists and makeup looks for their wedding. Get the information on what worked and what didn’t. They might know a few things you don’t.

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    Wedding Makeup Trial: Remember to schedule at least one wedding makeup trial so that you’re not left surprised or disappointed on your big day. This also helps you choose a final look that you will think will suit you.

    Be confident: Make sure you feel good in whatever wedding makeup look you choose. If you feel more confident with a winged liner then choose that. It’s your day and you want to be comfortable on your special day.

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