Interesting Things To Know About Idoma People And Their Beautiful Traditional Attire

Idoma people are the second largest ethnic group of Benue State after the TIV people, and there are around 2.5 million living in seven LGAs across the state, including Agatu, Apa, Ohimini, Otukpo, Okpokwu, Ogbadibo and Ado. They can also be found in Cross River and Nassarawa states.

The Idomas are known for their cheerful and hospitable disposition as well as rich cultural heritage. The Benue State Government accords high respect and honour to traditional rulers in recognition of their role as custodians of culture and as agents of development.

Idoma attire is known for being black and red, and these two colours have special meaning. The black colour (also known as Apa or Edema) is a representation of the earth and burial shroud. The red colour represents royalty or red feather. The same red feather can often be seen atop the head of the traditional leader.

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Check out these beautiful Idoma traditional attire:


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