Orapeleng Modutle’s A\W 19’ Couture Collection Is Chic, Sophisticated And Perfect For You

The A/W 19 Orapeleng Modutle collection is as we said for the brides who are sophisticated, not afraid to stand out and absolutely trendy. From the intricacy of the designs and embellishments, you would see truly that it is nothing just of glamour. There aren’t just wedding pieces in this collection, we got inspos for bridal shower outfits, and pre-wedding photo styles from some of the designs and we know you would literally glow in them. Speaking on the collection, the designer said: “A tale of beautiful garments inspired by second skin Bridal couture. Escorting our audience to a world of fantasy to different destinations where our quintessential woman can be identified.”

Photo Credit: Orapeleng Modutle