We Are Getting All The Chic Inspo From This All Black Aso Oke Slay

The year 2019 is ushering in all the lovely bridal fashion trends, and as the month goes by, more looks are unveiled. In the spirit of unconventional, this bride rocked an all black Aso-Oke for her day and we can say we haven’t seen anything more beautiful this past week. Adding all the lovely black she could get, she went for a black Smokey eye look and henna design. She added a bit of colour to her style with the red traditional neck and wrist piece. This look definitely has the right recipe for owning your own day, those who says black is beautiful knew exactly what they were saying! What’s more amazing is th fact that the entire look complements her skin tone so beautifully, it’s almost too gorgeous to be true. See more photos below…Photo Credit: Waleajibade photography