Saturday, July 20, 2024

    Yemi Alade Looks Absolutely Regal In This Efik/Ibibio Bridal Look

    Yemi Alade over the weekend decided to serve us some premium Efik/Ibibio traditional wedding look and she looked absolutely regal while at it. The singer stunned in a lovely and stunning Gold dress which she wore for her music video shoot.

    BRIDES 1

    Yemi rocked their Onyonyo outfit which is a simple wide dress decorated with lots of beads and worn by brides on their wedding day. An Efik bride is known for a unique hairdo called Etenge. The hairstyle is decorated with jewelries, royal-looking pins, combs and brushes to emphasize her gorgeous look, wealth and the social status of her family. She finishes it off with a colourfully decorated staff.

    BRIDES 2
    BRIDES 3

    Belle: Yemi Alade
    Photographer: Remigrapher

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