10 Tips To Handle The Mother Of The Bride

Many hope and wish they never have to deal with a bridezilla but one thing people also handle during weddings and wedding planning is the Mother of the bride (M.O.B). She is the second bride and is just as dramatic as a bride so wedding planners look forward to dealing with them during the planning process.

The mother of the bride wants her daughter’s day to be perfect so she is willing to go all out for this and also wants everyone on board to deliver their best. A lot of planners complain about the M.O.B being involved in every process, making decisions without consideration, and making life difficult for everyone. Mothers of the bride who are toxic, controlling, and overbearing

Today we share with wedding planners, friends, and also family tips to handle the mother of the bride.
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  1. Be Patient
    They say patience is a virtue and you will be needing lots of it while handling the M.O.B. She will get on your nerves a lot with her controlling trait, overbearing attitude so you need to exercise a lot of patience and not let her stress you or disrupt the planning process.
  2. Plan Ahead 
    Plan all necessary wedding details ahead with other vendors so she doesn’t pull you back. Her demand to be involved in everything will pull down your wedding process so plan with others, have your details sorted out. If you know you will be dealing with a Momzilla, make plans before she can interfere.
  3. Speak to the couple
    As a planner or friend of the couple, this is very frustrating so speak to the couple about her actions letting them know how you feel as well and how she’s impacting your job or responsibilities.in general. Let them also give you tips on how to handle a Momzilla.
  4. Give her an assignment 
    Give her an assignment from the wedding process that you are sure she can handle. This will keep her busy you’ll ensure that your mom feels like she’s an important part of the process; the worst thing to do with this type of MOB is to say you don’t need anything. She needs to feel important, so let her handle the cake, the music, the linens, or something else you’re OK handing over.
  5. Ask for her input and thoughts 
    As you go through different levels of planning ask for her input and thoughts letting her drop her 2cents. This will make her feel very important to the whole occasion and she will trust you more.
  6. Work as a team with other vendors 
    You will need to build a good team and relationship with the vendors on the project as your unity and togetherness will make it difficult for her to impact your job and responsibilities. Share regular updates amongst yourselves and give each other tips as well.
  7. Ask for her needs and demands for the wedding
    Ask her what she may need or require during the wedding that your team or vendors may provide for her. No matter how little the detail or need is provide it and leave her impressed with your professionalism.
  8. Speak to her
    Have a proper discussion with a momzilla letting her realize that you are a professional who can be trusted with your job. Let her also realize it’s her daughter’s special day and nothing should jeopardize it. We hope these tips help and you have a seamless relationship with the M.O.B.

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