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    How To Plan The Food Menu For Your Wedding Ceremony

    Food is the highlight of every wedding, imagine you attending a wedding and getting served bad food, that’s disappointing. Amongst other things, eating well-made food in a wedding ceremony is one of the many details that will be remembered in every wedding so that means the food menu has to be top-notch.

    Food menu

    Dear couples you don’t want a situation where people leave your wedding ceremony unhappy and go about discussing how they were served bad food, and if you are confused about how to plan your food menu so it suits your tastes and that of your guests there are certain tips you need to consider.
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    Here are 5 major tips to consider when planning a food menu for your wedding ceremony

    Consider your budget
    First things first, know your budget. Remember that everything you are organizing for your wedding requires money, so it is advisable to have a budget for everything including how much you are willing to spend on your food menu. Go for a menu you can afford and not something above your budget, plan better so you don’t have to face any financial crisis as your wedding ceremony is near.

    Get a good caterer
    Get someone to handle the planning with you, yes it’s your wedding day and the choice of the food is yours but still, seek professional advice. A caterer will be able to assist you in the right direction. If you are keen on having small chops at the wedding ceremony get a caterer who is experienced in making them. A good caterer should be able to work with the guest list and the available ingredients.

    Think about your guests
    Do not forget that the main reason for this planning is to give your guests the best. Choose a meal that your guests will enjoy, something they will be satisfied with. Try to think about what to incorporate in the menu that will suit their taste.

    Be creative
    Try out something new, it doesn’t have to be the regular party food, incorporated something different into the menu that keeps your guests in awe. You could have a food station where the guests can get their own asun and plantain and be rest assured that your wedding ceremony will be the most talked-about for months.

    Taste the food
    After all the planning and ensuring that the right food is incorporated into the menu and ready to be served at the wedding, you should taste the food with your caterer and be sure it is up to your expectation. Also, pay attention to the appearance of the food as well as the taste. Once you are comfortable with the taste then you can go ahead to plan how you wish the food to be presented to the guests.

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