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    Who Says The Love For Food Can’t Get You Love? Tomife Got Both!

    This Love story is beautiful and hilarious. Her love for food brought her to the love of her life and they are about to walk down the aisle together. This love story started in Lekki, Nigeria and evolved into a story that involved many visitations to different cities in the world. The bride-to-be shared how they met and their love story so far  here as she revealed that:B001A14C E4FB 409E AADF AB321AE66B5A

    “Our story started in Lagos Nigeria. I was visiting Lagos for the first time in many years and I had missed it so much and came with the intention to enjoy myself to the fullest and try to do all the things I have missed doing in Nigeria. I had missed the food so much so one day I went to one of the restaurants on the island to have lunch while eating my delicious meal, I kept hearing the conversation going on on the table across from me (I promise I wasn’t eavesdropping). 5D0C6581 6EDF 427C BA7F FBA1CC7DC0C1I said to myself, who is this one that is just using American accent all over the place lol. I went on with my meal and few minutes later, this handsome guy walks up to me saying “I saw that you were looking at me, have we met before?” And I’m like “err No I don’t think so”. He introduced himself as Oludare and we got talking and soon we realized we had so much in common from visiting Nigeria for the holidays to being lastborns to us having similar jobs in IT, to have lived in the same city in America.BF876D1D 921D 4641 A88F 5E380FF316C3 We just clicked so well like we had known each other for the longest time. We instantly became friends! Fast forward to when we both returned back to the states from Nigeria, we continued being friends and we kept getting closer as the day went by and after a while, we started dating, it was so natural and it felt like we should have met each other a long time ago. At the time, we were living in different cities so we made a commitment to see each other at least twice a month and one of it was to meet each other in a new and different city.1A8AEA7A CD0E 40A6 A6DD 47147123A552 I love to travel and before I met Olu, I had always been in search of someone that loves to travel as much as I and Olu was just that person! He also loves to travel but didn’t do it much because he didn’t have someone to do it with so it was just fate! We had so much fun traveling back and forth and I used to look forward to the next trip and even at work, every Friday my coworkers would ask me “so what city is it this weekend” We got to try out different cities together from Miami to Minneapolis to Dubai to New York to DC, the list is long.0701C358 F22F 4D51 A953 9F79A8739CB9 After a while, the twice a month trips were just not cutting it anymore so we decided that we needed to be together and closer in the same city. It’s been a blessing ever since.8CAB22C4 49D9 4390 91F5 6FA5B5338FA1

    Photo Credit: Dmphotography

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