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    4 Great Ways To Plan A Mountain Proposal

    Proposing on the mountain is so unique because the views are simply breathtaking.

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    A beautiful moment deserves a beautiful setting, and that is why you need to have your proposal in a unique place like the mountain. They offer totally unique vantage points so stunning they’ll take your breath away: and that’s before you even pop the question!

    There’s something really special about being surrounded by Mother Nature in all of her glory, and this is amplified on such a momentous occasion.

    How to plan a mountain proposal

    1. Plan ahead

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    The same thing that makes a mountain proposal so incredible is the thing that also makes them somewhat risky: the unpredictability of nature. However, this isn’t to say it can’t be done. It just requires a little extra planning.

    2. Pick your location

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    You may well have a particular location in mind already – perhaps somewhere you went on an early date, or somewhere you’ve always said you should climb together. If you don’t have anywhere particular in mind, make sure to do your research before you decide on your destination. There’s such variety in the accessibility of different climbs, you want to make sure you’re on a hike that you and your partner can complete without fear!

    3. Pack accordingly

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    If you want to go down the surprise proposal route, make the question a surprise but not the idea of the hike itself. That’s because the success of a mountain climb is hugely dependent on the preparation and the packing. You don’t want to be caught short mid-hike without the right gear.

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    4. Check out the weather forecast

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    Part of this necessary preparation is to check out the weather, too. Make sure you’re not planning on going anywhere too dangerous in the conditions.

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