Inside NBA Star Isaiah Hartenstein And Model Kourtney Kellar Wedding On A Yacht

Isaiah Hartenstein and Kourtney Kellar share photos from their “blissful” July wedding at sea.

Isaiah Hartenstein and Kourtney Kellar tied the knot on July 29 after getting engaged in April 2022. The nuptials took place on the Endless Dreams Yacht in Newport Beach, California. The boat boasts 6,000-sq. ft. of event space, with three spacious decks and was just perfect for the “intimate, minimalistic wedding” Kellar and Hartenstein wanted.

In total, the newlyweds had about 60 guests present on the big day, including Hartenstein’s former teammate, Jordan Johnson.

“Being on a yacht, we were able to enjoy the beautiful view of the California sunset on the ocean,” Kellar says.

The NBA player, 25, and his Texas-born wife, 32, first met in 2019 after Hartenstein made a move and slid into Kellar’s DMs while he was playing for the Houston Rockets. The story goes, he complimented her smile, she responded and the two quickly met in person and began dating.

“My Instagram is pretty sexy, so I get a lot of comments about my body, which is nice,” she said in an interview. “But he came in and messaged me something like, ‘You have the most beautiful smile,’ and sent me his favorite photo of me from my feed.”

Fast forward three years and the pair got engaged on a beach in Malibu which Kellar told the outlet she thought was a couples’ photoshoot she had been wanting to do.

Hartenstein, who currently plays for the New York Knicks, knelt down on one knee while she was facing the other direction, fixing her hair. “I ugly cried,” Kellar continued. “I couldn’t believe it. I had never been happier and I was so surprised.”

The entire wedding affair on water was planned by Kaylea Frantzis, with florals — including calla lily bouquets, greenery and white florals.

Guests dined on a taco bar (Kellar’s “favorite”) during the rehearsal dinner, so all the stops had to be pulled out to top that on the wedding day. Kellar and Hartenstein served “a multi-course dinner to make sure our guests were full, happy and ready to party,” the bride says.

While Hartenstein says he and Kellar “aren’t the super mushy type,” there were emotions, of course, during the ceremony officiated by Nate Johnson: “When I saw her coming down the aisle I felt an excitement for our future together and I thought she looked really beautiful.”

Having a pre-ceremony first look also helped keep tears at bay — especially for Kellar, who cherished the private moment. “It was all feelings of overwhelming joy and gratitude that the handsome seven-foot man at the alter was my soon to be husband,” she says.

Overall, the pair, whose first dance was to “One Love” by Bob Marley — is grateful their wedding day gave them the opportunity to be “so emerged in the present moment.”

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Now, they’ve stepped right into married life as their honeymoon already happened at the end of Hartenstein’s season — and the 23-hour travel journey to Bali proved so worth it. Says Kellar, “[We] enjoyed relaxing and exploring another country with each other.”

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