She Made Him Propose Twice, Hilarious!

We love it when the couple is fun to be with, and yes, this story is definitely a fun read. Bosun mumbled some of the words while proposing and because Femi didn’t hear him clearly, she had him to propose again, and he did. That’s what we are talking about, demand for your perfect proposal babies! Read their love story here
On how he proposed, Groom-to-be Bosun revealed that: We always talked about taking romantic walks around the city. On a spring Saturday evening after she came back from the saloon, hair done, nails done, looking all chic, I suggested we take a trip the next day to the high line – a floating park in New York City so we can discover more of the city.
I thought to myself, is this the perfect place? I wanted some “breathing space” for the moment, some “perfect moment” but something kept telling me  “stop making excuses in your head, man up.  “You’re not going back home with a girlfriend”. “It’s the 25th, your favourite date”. “She looks so gorgeous today, shoot your shot!”. “You met her a few blocks from here”. “She’s travelling to Nigeria the following week, don’t you want her to show off her engagement ring to her family and friends back home?!”
Anyways, she loves to take pictures so we took a few for each other and kept our romantic walk moving. So when we got to one of the more quiet and beautiful spots, I bent down on one knee and popped the ring out of my jacket. With a few words “babe, will you marry me?” and the ring blinking in her face 😉, she said YES! Took her for dinner that night and she said I muffled my words while asking earlier, I told her she didn’t even allow me to finish my sentence 😅 so she made me repeat the proposal. I asked again, this time loud and clear and she said yes again!
Photo Credit: Alakija Studios