Started From The DM Now They’re Here- Adaeze And Nnamdi’s Love Story Is Amazing

Okay, we have got to warn you, if extra sweet and magical isn’t your thing, then you might just not love Nnamdi and Adaeze, because they are extra cute, with an extra amazing pre-wedding photos and a very magical love story. Nnamdi has been shooting his shot for a while, but Adaeze seems too busy to notice. However, a last shot at his angel brought him his heart desires and now, Nnamdi and Adaeze are about to become a legal “thing”. Super cute! Read all about how Nnamdi did it as shared by the groom-to-be himself. “I had been looking for a strong relationship for a while and so I opted for Instagram, which was where I first knew of my wife-to-be. When I sent the first Dm, It was a risk and it didn’t work lol, But I gave it another shot as she seemed weirdly interesting and also very beautiful. It took a year for her to finally respond, but once she did, I was glad I kept on it. I met her for the very first day on her 22nd birthday and for the rest of my life, I will happily celebrate the birth of my wife as it is the birth of the bond we are about to create. For the proposal, Adaeze recalls that: He proposed on the way to the restaurant where he first asked me to be his girlfriend. He picked me up from my house for the date and stopped by at his, as he had supposedly forgotten his wallet. He took too long in the house and so I had to step in. And there he was on one knee, petals everywhere, candles and just a perfect situation.  Photo Credit: Bighphotography