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    10 Private Outdoor Proposal Ideas That Will Make Her Say The Big ‘YES’

    A private proposal is that romantic moment that no one shares, something you and your partner will remember fondly for the rest of your lives. Outdoor proposals are divine because nature adds an element of wonder to its romantic settings.

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    Here are some private outdoor proposal ideas for you:

    1. Propose While Picking Fruit

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    The best part about this proposal idea is that you can tailor it to the time of year. For some added fun, be very careful and quickly hang the engagement ring on a branch while your significant other isn’t looking.

    2. Include Your Outdoor Activities

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    Couples who enjoy traversing the outdoors together can look to one of their favourite outdoor activities to inspire a proposal. Whether that’s biking, hiking, horseback riding, or something more competitive like golf, beach volleyball, or another sport, there’s ample opportunity to turn a beloved activity into a perfect proposal. In fact, proposing during any of these can end up making the activity all the more meaningful to you both.

    If you love the water—say swimming, fishing, or boating, you can also plan your proposal there.

    3. Head Out on a Hike

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    With little planning, you can wait for just the right moment on your journey to pop the question. Being alone with a view can make for a truly romantic atmosphere. A mountain, lake, or walk along the beach can easily suffice—especially if you take a hike down one of your favorite or most treasured trails.

    4. Recreate Your First Date

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    If you’re in search of a proposal that really brings your relationship full circle, think about having it take place at the location of your first date.

    Whether it’s a coffee shop, restaurant, or walk in the park, you’re sure to be put in an especially romantic mood. Order the same thing you got on your first date if you remember, and perhaps a special glass of champagne.

    5. Pop the Question at Your Favorite Spot

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    Think about your most adored cafes, restaurants, cocktail bars, movie theaters, and the like. Make it seem like a normal date idea.

    Once you arrive at the spot, try to make the experience special—without giving anything away, of course. Because you’ve both been here before and enjoyed the place, you can relax and focus on enjoying yourselves before proposing.

    6. Take a Sunset Walk on the Beach

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    Vacations can be a perfect time to ask, “Will you marry me?” Beach proposal ideas are relatively plentiful. You can take a walk by the ocean at sunset. Doing so can be one of the most romantic ways to secure that “Yes!”

    7. Take Advantage of a Holiday

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    If your partner loves any particular holiday, try to plan your proposal around it. Whether that’s bending down on one knee in the middle of a Christmas tree farm, planning an Easter egg scavenger hunt, going into the New Year engaged, or taking advantage of the chocolates and rose petals that come with Valentine’s Day.

    8. Plan a Game Night

    From Tinder To Forever Martin Tinos Garden Themed Proposal Love Story 22 kokobrides

    For the couple that has a blast playing board games together, craft your proposal into a game night.

    9. Set Up a Picnic


    Picnics with your partner are inherently romantic. Putting effort into an outdoor snack or meal together, especially with the right view, is sure to strike the right mood. You can go simple with a blanket and picnic basket of food or include some extra flourishes, like candles, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

    10. Say it With Music

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    If you’re musically talented, an endearing proposal is likely right at your fingertips. Write or compose a special song that reflects on your relationship, talks about your hopes for the future, or dotes on your partner. Then, once you’ve played it, finish it off with your proposal. You can even write your proposal into the song, if you prefer.

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